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column reactors

Acid Mine Drainage Testing and Evaluation

  • NAG (Net Acid Generation)
  • Acid Base Accounting (ABA)
  • Humidity Cell or Column Testing
  • Custom Test Programs
  • Custom Treatment Process Development Programs

Biooxidation / Bioleaching / Acid Rock Microbiology

  • Mesophiles, moderate thermophile, extreme thermophile cultures
  • Culture maintenance
  • Culture adaptation to particular mineralogies
  • Culture adaptation to leach solution compositions
  • Enrichments of Fe- and S-oxidizers from liquid and solid samples collected at site
  • Site water microbial toxicity assessment
  • Cell counts (total) by phase contrast microcopy
  • Viable cell populations of Fe- and S-oxidizers (Most Probable Number, MPN)
  • Nutrient monitoring of leach solutions (NH3-N, P, K, Mg)

Full Biooxidation / Bioleaching Test Capability

  • Rapid Start-Up for Test Programs
  • Full Metallurgical and Analytical Support Available
  • Whole ore and concentrate evaluations pre- and post-biooxidation
  • Stirred Reactors
  • Temperature Controlled Leach Columns (0.3 meters to 5 meters height)
  • Comprehensive test program:
    • Design
    • Analytical
    • Data evaluation and interpretation
    • Reporting

Sulfide / Sulfosalt Minerals Experience

  • Pyrite (coal), Pyrite (ore, concentrates)
  • Arsenopyrite, Cobaltite
  • Bornite, Chalcopyrite, Chalcocite
  • Covellite, Pyrrhotite, Galena
  • Sphalerite / Marmatite, Molybdenite
  • Enargite, Luzonite
  • Tetrahedrite
  • Tennantite